Saturday, July 19, 2008

Game Controller - Serial Switch Box

Sure, in most cases one game controller (joystick) will pretty well get you by for most games but in my opinion some games are just better played using the hand controllers/paddles (yes, I know, it is hard to believe) while others are just meant to be played using a free floating joystick. The problem with having these options means manually having to swap over the controllers or reconfiguring the joystick modes (free floating verses self centering). After a while this starts to become a pain, especially if you are switching between them regularly.

To find a solution, apart from tracking down the game controllers themselves, all I needed was a 4 way serial switch box and a 9 pin male to 9 pin male cable which I made up. The trackball was easily configured. It just got plugged in on the ADB bus between the keyboard and the mouse.

I am very happy with my solution as I have finally got my game controllers setup the way that I wanted. That is, available at a flick of the switch.

Parts List

Apple Joystick Model A2M2012 (Self centering)
Apple Joystick Model A2M2002 (Free floating)
Apple Hand Controllers Model A2M2001
4Way 9 pin Serial Switch Box
9 pin male to 9 pin male straight through cable
Kensington Turbo Mouse (Trackball) Version 5.0 Model 64210

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