Friday, September 10, 2021

Game Controller - SNES MAX - Software Resource

Just like the 4Play joystick card, I have setup this software resource page to keep together a list of supported SNES MAX software titles. I'll add more to this list as they become available.

Program(s) SNES MAX adaptation/conversion by SNES MAX port usage Comment Links
Attack of the PETSCII Robots David Murray / Ian Brumby 1
Robotron 2084 Nick Westgate / Lukazi 1
Mario Bros Lukazi 1 & 2 Two player co-op.
XSlinger HD Jay Craft 1 & 2 Two player, Asteroids inspired. Interesting use of VidHD's text mode for graphics.
Requires Apple IIGS w/2 MB RAM and VidHD card.
Game Boy Tetris Lukazi 1 This version of Tetris was ported to the Apple II in 2022 by Lee Fastenau.