Friday, June 27, 2008

CHED - Images

The Apple 3.5" Disk Drive has been guttered. The daisychain circuitry in the back of the drive has been left attached (for now).

Measuring up the LCD module.

The circuit board (top and underside views) with nothing attached. The board mainly consists of connectors:
1. 2.5" hard drive .
2. USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge.
3. Rails for the microcontroller module.
4. Extra pins to the microcontroller module.
5. Keys.
6. LCD module.
7. Apple II disk port.

The circuit board (top and side views) with the hard drive and microcontroller module attached.

The circuit board inside the metal part of the Apple 3.5" enclosure (front and back views showing). Currently the board will not fit with the microcontroller module attached. This is ok for the prototype but I will need to solder the module directly to the board when the time comes for fitting.

View shown with all devices attached. The keypad is only there for testing. It will be replaced by individual push buttons. The picture shows the USB cable attached but the power for the USB will need to go through the relay first.

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