Monday, August 21, 2017

Apple II 4play Joystick Card - Software Resource

I recently noticed that the software which supports the 4play card is scattered about in various locations. I have also been contacted by a few members of the Apple II enthusiast community who have graciously sent me their software conversions. I figured that this might be a good time to consolidate the information. The result of which is the following table. I'll add more software to this list as it becomes available.

Some games are better played when using paddles, some games are better played using an analog joystick and some games are better when played using a digital joystick. It's not my intention to convert every Apple II game to be 4play compliant, just the ones that are easy to convert (the ones that are already digital enabled ie Atari Joyport ones), multiplayer ones because the Apple II was always lacking in this area and also the ones that are the reason why a lot of us got into computing in the first place ie to reproduce that arcade experience at home and not have to spend one's entire pocket money on arcades at the local milk bar. Although I must admit that these days MAME does a great job of fulfilling that need.

Program(s) 4play adaptation/conversion by Apple II card slot Driver 4play port usage Comment Links
KABOOM! Jesse Blue Any Integrated 1, 2, 3 & 4
Star Blazer,
Pac-Man (Atari version)
Lukazi 4 Replaces keyboard code 1
Lode Runner Brutal Deluxe Software Any Replaces joystick code 1 Second web link is for conversion notes and discussion with Antoine.
Tapper Michael Sternberg 4 Replaces keyboard code 1
Boulder Dash,
Boulder Dash II,
Spy's Demise,
Wavy Navy
Lukazi 4 Replaces "Atari Joyport" code 1
Robotron 2084 Nick Westgate Any Integrated 1 & 2 Play as per the original game design ie one joystick for movement and one joystick for shooting. Also supports two analog joysticks.
CHECKPOINT Lukazi 4 Integrated 1 & 2 Maybe one day.
Alien Typhoon,
Atarisoft Galaxian,
Starcraft Galaxian
Lukazi 4 Replaces joystick code 1 By popular demand.
Buzzard Bait,
Dino Eggs,
Miner 2049er,
Miner 2049er II,
Stellar 7
Lukazi 4 Replaces "Atari Joyport" code 1 Some more easy "Atari Joyport" conversions.
Mario Bros Lukazi 4 Replaces joystick and keyboard code 1 & 2 Two player co-op.
Super Taxman 2,
Lukazi 4 Replaces H.A.L. Labs Gizmo code 1

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